How to Wear Our Cashmere: One Wrap, Endless Possibilities


Gossamer cashmere wrap is versatile, just like you. Wear it as a wrap, sweater, or scarf. It’s up to you!


There are more creative options beyond the standard 3 styles, so don’t put yourself in a box. Use it as a blanket. Wrap it around your neck or shoulders.

You can even change it up throughout the night!


What’s it like to wear a Gossamer Cashmere wrap?

woman wearing navy cashmere wrap over yoga top

Here’s what NBC Style had to say:

This pure cashmere long cardigan wrap will please any woman on your gift list. This is possibly the most unique cashmere for women you’ve ever seen. [Gossamer] wraps resemble a long cardigan minus the buttons, with two sleeves and a very side body. Then you take the flaps and twist them around you any variety of ways until you’re warm and comfy–and looking chic.

As a constant traveler and inherently cold person, I’m always searching for a blanket: now I’m wrapped up in one that’s far softer and a fashion statement.


Cashmere you can wear from the gym to the gala

cashmere wrap for yoga

The versatility of a cashmere wrap makes it perfect for any woman with the desire to look good and feel even better—without having to think about it. Keep it in your purse or wear it over an evening dress. Wherever you are, and however your day is going, you can put on your Gossamer wrap and instantly look pulled together.

The Gossamer cashmere wrap looks gorgeous on you no matter what you’re doing

Whether you’re grabbing your morning latte, headed to yoga class, or like to pair your workout with drinks and friends (and who doesn’t?). You can keep on rocking your cashmere wrap during an impromptu yoga sesh with the girls at happy hour!

You don’t have to baby Gossamer cashmere. Our wraps are machine-washable. They can get food on them or be rained on, and survive. Just throw them in the washer on the gentle cycle.

Life is hectic. It’s hard to make time for fashion when you’ve got work, yoga class, family vacations, and the kids’ soccer games to attend. You deserve some luxury. Treat yourself to Gossamer Cashmere, and you’ll always be on trend.

woman wearing comfortable cashmere wrap sitting in bed

“A wrap is a classic staple piece that can be worn time and time again. They are one of the most versatile wardrobe pieces. They’re like your go-to sweatshirt, but much more stylish. Super soft and perfect for traveling, layering or adding a chic and effortless touch to an outfit.”

Busy Bee Blogger


"My Gossamer cashmere wrap is luxurious and so cozy. It’s as casual or formal as I want it to be. It takes me from yoga to the grocery store to an afternoon play date to dinner with my husband. I love it!"

—Karen Pipski, Houston, TX


"I love my sweater. It is the perfect weight…not too heavy and not too light. I’ve worn it three times in the past month and each time I get compliments on the color."

—Joanna, Austin, TX

Amelia Willson